Testimonials after a healing session

  • College studentDuring the session, I “remembered” myself as a happy, running child — but I’ve never had that memory before!   Afterwards, my mother was so happy that my chronic depression had lifted; she said “I’ve got my daughter back! That was 15 years of psychotherapy in one hour!”
  • Accomplished artistMy creativity had been blocked for a long time, but I didn’t know why. At the end of my session, I “saw” my anger leaving through a door.  Now I can paint again!
  • TeacherI began my session focusing on a very specific issue.  But during the session, it expanded greatly in both scope and time, way back to childhood.   At my next meeting with my therapist, I discussed stuff that I’d suppressed for 35 years and had no idea was down there.
  • Elderly mother:  I am still in awe over our session last week. I want to thank you again for helping me recover the memory of the birth of my first child — and the lightness and wonder it brought.  I am still being held by that energy. [Then, three months later:] I’ve been meaning to thank you again for the new openings created by my last session.  There has been a flood of forgiveness (nurses, doctor, hospital) and compassion, and a lessening of anxiety, which has been very healing.
  • Survivor of childhood sexual abuseDuring my session, I “saw” myself hugging my mother – something I never remember actually happening!
  • Mother of a Downs child:  Ten days after his session, he is talking a lot more in public than ever before, and many people have commented on it. Also, just a few days after his session, he suddenly said (out of nowhere): “I’d like to take art classes!” We had talked about this several months earlier, after a visit to the Children’s Museum, but he hadn’t shown any interest then.  I see this sudden new interest as evidence of what I’d been hoping for: a step towards self-empowerment.
  • Nurse/counselor:  My session really blew me away. It didn’t “sink in” until a day or two later.  But then I felt absolutely flabbergasted at the depth of the insight that my whole work is reflective of the fact that I myself have gone through a lot of the same issues that my clients have. This insight hit me not as an intellectual understanding, but as a gut-level understanding.  I feel I’ve really got to the bottom of my understanding of myself.  And that’s a major, major new feeling for me.
  • Yoga teacher: Your healing inspired me to focus more keenly on my issues, because changing my thoughts and beliefs is the key to lasting healing and balance.  And from where I rest right now, I feel so capable of handling every challenge that comes my way. I haven’t felt this for a long time.
  • Massage therapist:  I’m finding myself looking further down the road instead of at my feet (on that metaphorical level): focusing more on where I want to be instead of where I’m at — and obstacles don’t seem so obnoxiously large or impossible/impassable.