The Illumination and Soul Retrieval procedures are described below

The Illumination procedure

This is the basic healing procedure, and is always used in a client’s first session. I will ask you to focus on a topic or concern that’s important to you — I don’t need to know the details — then you will recline comfortably while I gently cradle your head and coach your breathing.   All you have to do is to focus on your topic (it’s similar to meditating).  Meanwhile, I track for imprints in your energy field and clear your chakras: the little spirals of energy that connect our energy fields to our physical bodies.  (When I started this work, I was skeptical of the existence of chakras – as you may be – but I’ve learned to detect their locations and feel the energy in them.)  After a while, when any energy movement has subsided, I will illuminate your affected chakra with pure energy, then finish the session with discussion and suggestions for homework.

This description of the Illumination procedure may make it sound very simple.  However, it can result in powerful healing (click Testimonials for client comments). Note that you don’t even have to “believe” in the process for it to work; you just have to focus on your topic and have the intention to be healed.

The Soul Retrieval procedure

The reason for the name of the second session procedure will become apparent as you read this section. People often speak of the soul as the essence of the self.  However, physical trauma and/or emotional fright can cause pieces of the soul to break off and be “lost” (hence the term “soul loss”). This is how the self often copes (unconsciously) in a crisis. The result is a loss of vitality, feelings of being ungrounded or unlovable, and an inability to be comfortable and fully “at home” in ourselves.

Soul-loss can be triggered by a brutal event, such as combat, accident, molestation, divorce or surgery. It can also occur subtly, as a result of shock, substance abuse, an injustice, hurt feelings or a vulnerable moment. Symptoms can include lethargy, a disconnected or spacey feeling, apathy or hopelessness, fatigue, lack of motivation, and memory loss. It is not unusual for an adult to be missing many soul pieces from varying causes.

In recovering the pieces of your essential self, I journey on your behalf to retrieve a lost soul piece from deep in the subconscious.  Gifts from the subconscious, such as a personal power animal, may also be recovered.  Each time a soul piece is retrieved, clients become aware of the presence of a long-lost part of themselves.  This shift can be especially powerful if the retrieved soul piece involved an issue such as courage or the ability to trust others.