What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Fields and Wounds

Before describing Energy Medicine, I first need to talk about energy wounds. You see, each of us has an energy field — but most people need a bit of training before they can detect it. As we go through life, our physical bodies are wounded by various things that happen to us. And our energy fields also get wounded – but they are wounded by emotional as well as physical injuries.

Energy field wounds can be caused by a brutal event, such as combat, accident, molestation, surgery or divorce. They can also happen as a result of substance abuse, hurt feelings, an injustice, or just a vulnerable moment.

Of course we notice when our physical bodies get wounded, but we don’t always realize when our energy fields have been damaged. However, if the scars from our energy wounds are left untreated, they can eventually show up as chronic emotional or physical symptoms long after the original wound occurred. The cause of these symptoms can seem mysterious because the scars in the energy field are invisible.

Energy Medicine

Now, to get back to the original question: what is energy medicine? It’s a healing practice that aims to heal the scars or imbalances in the energy field. Energy healers are trained to detect such scars or imbalances and restore the person’s energy field to its natural state. When this is done, emotional or physical symptoms can be reduced or even completely cured.

There are several kinds of energy medicine: you may have heard of Reiki, Qigong, or Acupuncture. My training is in shamanic energy medicine, which is based on an ancient tradition; shamans have been the healers in native societies for thousands of years. You can think of shamanic healing as a way of getting in touch with your own “inner healer.” It provides a connection with a power larger than yourself, so that whatever healing is appropriate for you at this time may come through.

Note that energy medicine is usually considered complementary (not alternative) to conventional medicine or psychotherapy. By itself, it won’t cure a physical disease, such as cancer – but in combination with traditional treatments, it can be an important component of a cure. Energy medicine can also lessen the symptoms of complex conditions, such as drug and alcohol addictions, or the effects of abuse or other severe traumas. It can often provide a breakthrough to more rapid healing, because it includes the spiritual level, as well as body and mind.

What happens in a healing session?

A typical session takes about one hour. I’ll tell you a bit about the process, then I’ll ask you to focus on a concern that’s important to you — I don’t need to know the details.

You’ll be reclining comfortably while I work solely in the energy field above your body. I won’t be touching your physical body. And you don’t have to tell me anything about the issue you want to work on.

Depending on how sensitive you are, you may feel tingling movements of energy running down your arms or legs, or even localizing in parts of your body. As the process continues, you may experience feelings of deep peace or empowerment or even emotional release.

Note that you don’t have to “believe” in the process for it to work; you just have to focus on your concern and have the intention to be healed. It all sounds simple, but it can result in powerful healing.

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