Special Invitation to Veterans

Free or reduced-rate sessions for all Veterans and their families.
This healing process can “take the edge off” PTS symptoms.
It is not talk therapy: discussion of combat experience is not required.
Please click here to reach my separate site for Veterans.

What is Energy Healing?

It’s a collective term for healing approaches that operate on the energy field that’s believed to power our bodies.

My training is in shamanic healing, which takes a holistic view of health: body, mind, and spirituality.  It’s based on an ancient tradition; shamans have been the healers in indigenous societies for thousands of years.

In the modern world, people from all walks of life are learning “westernized” versions of the ancient healing practices. [Click Energy Medicine for more details.]


Don Cameron
Energy Medicine

Do you have any of these concerns?

  • Anxiety
  • Apathy, numbness, depression, fatigue, lack of vitality
  • Feeling “stuck” in life; lack of ability to make changes

Energy Healing can lead to these benefits

  • Experience peace and well-being
  • Rekindle energy and motivation
  • Function from a calm, grounded center.

Click Benefits for more on concerns and benefits.

A Complementary Approach

Energy Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine or psychotherapy. However, as a companion to such approaches, it can often provide a breakthrough to more-rapid healing — because it works at a different level.

The process works solely in the participant’s energy field: it requires no physical contact and no discussion of personal issues (unlike psychotherapy).

So, if you’re unsure about psychotherapy, or are feeling frustrated with its pace — or if you’d just like to experience energy healing in the shamanic tradition — please click below to reach me by phone or e-mail.

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For more details about the process, click Energy Medicine. For more about the the effects of a session, click Benefits.